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The Public Health Resource Network (PHRN)

aims to  provide support to public health practitioners

working in the districts in all aspects of district health planning

and  public  health management in the context of The  National  Rural 

Health  Mission. The central element of this initiative is a capacity  building 

effort structured as a distance learning programme. This distance learning programme 

is  not a substitute to formal professional public health training  and  it does not carry  with 

it any guarantees of increased  employment  or career options.  It  is meant to support individuals 

and  organizations  both within and outside the  health department  who are committed to working  for a 

more  equitable and effective public health  system. This programme  complements  official training and education programmes through an open-ended, more informal and immediate   reaching   out   with   information   tools   and   a   diversity   of   programme   options   and   perspectives.

Last Updated on 28 October, 2010